Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

These large but extremely friendly dogs were originally bred as work dogs but now are affectionate family dogs that love to be included in all activities. Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for their extremely friendly disposition and are overall very loving and loyal dogs.

They are very intelligent and are easy to train but this needs to be started early on as puppies; when training they do best if given time to analyze what you want them to do then perform. These dogs use their mouths to communicate, can be nippy and chew as well as bark, but make great watchdogs. Being large, long haired dogs, they shed a lot and require grooming, as well as drool, but are extremely loving and should be kept inside the house rather than outside away from the family. If well-trained and cared for, these dogs can make excellent family pets and are known to do very well with strangers as well because of how happy they are overall. They require a good amount of exercise and are very playful. As puppies they enjoy playing rough, but mature Bernese Mountain Dogs can be very well behaved and are very gentle. They enjoy chasing small animals and have a very high prey drive. Because of their thick coat these dogs tolerate cold weather very well but do not do as well being in hot weather.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are very large dogs, ranging in height from 23-28 inches and weighing from 70 to 115 pounds. They are prone to more health issues than typical in other dogs, as well as a tendency for weight gain, and should be taken to the vet regularly. Unfortunately, their life span is also typically shorter than other dogs. Especially because of their size, they are not suited for apartments and prefer larger areas to play. When they are younger and until their joints have fully developed, try to avoid playing on hard surfaces or allowing them to pull heavy loads. They also do much better in cooler climates; if raised in a warm area, exercise should be kept to morning or evening, the parts of the day when the weather is cooler.

With proper care, Bernese Mountain Dogs can be a loving part of the family with their affectionate and gentle nature.

Each dog breed can be prone to develop certain diseases or conditions, be sure to research your specific breed before making a purchase to ensure you´re prepared for any challenges that may arise. This information is only a generalization and we make no guarantees on any breed related to personality, appearance, or typical health characteristics.